We’re a little bit excited because Fulltime Nomad was nominated for a Liebster Award by Gabrielle and James at The Globe Wanderers.

As the new kid on the block, we’re stoked to receive a blog award. We’re also pretty damn happy to be making some friends online.  🙂

The Liebster is kind of like a chain letter but way cooler. The person who nominates you answers a bunch of questions that they were asked. This helps you get to know them. They then make up a few of their own questions and nominate five other bloggers who they’d like to hear from.

This is what Gabrielle and James asked us:


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1. What’s the most bizarre local delicacy you’ve eaten?

Insects on a stick and silk worm larvae in Thailand. Not actually icky as we’d imagined it would be.


eating insects in thailand

Feeling skeptically adventurous in Bangkok, Thailand


We came close to eating ‘cuy’ in Ecuador but the thought of eating guinea pig was like eating someone’s pet and we couldn’t do it.


cuy in ecuador

Streetside cuy vendor in Baños, Ecuador

2. Do you prefer organized tours with like minded travellers or going it alone?

Usually, we prefer going it alone and doing our own thing. We don’t have the patience for the typical tourist tours. However in saying that, not all tours are alike so we’ve done a few interesting ones like the Tequila tour we did in Mexico. Thaaaat was fun! 😉


tequila tour mexico

How much tequila can you drink?

3. What are your best and worst nights sleep whilst on your travels?

Radhika: My worst night’s sleep is usually the night before a flight. I’m not a nervous flier and planes don’t scare me but somehow I get a bit anxious the night before we have to fly…

Johnny: We flew from Mexico to Dubai in 2014. We were in transit for 36 hours, flying through 3 other countries before we got to the UAE. It was the worst! Once we got to Radhika’s parents’ house, I think we slept for about 2 days. Best sleep ever!

4. If you could give someone one travel tip – what would it be?

Do less. Travel slow. Experience more.

We’re huge believers in slow travel. There is no need to see and do everything that’s on the ‘Must-Do’ list (unless your only aim is checking off a list). Pick a few things, take your time and savour the experience instead.

5. What is the most life-changing experience you’ve had whilst travelling?

We don’t have one aha! moment but we do have a life-changing country. Colombia (and then the rest of Latin America) really changed us.


colombian flag cartagena

Colombian pride in Cartagena

Colombia was our first stop when we started our travels in 2013. It taught us to let go, be happy and just enjoy life. From hanging out with Colombians (friends and strangers), we definitely learnt why Colombians are so happy. What you have or don’t have doesn’t matter, it’s the attitude that matters.


friends in colombia

Watching football at a bar, from the street.


Finally, living in Medellin for 4 amazing months was our first taste of living in a foreign country and it planted the desire in us to make our nomad lifestyle permanent. For that, Colombia is definitely the most life changing place of all!

6. Have you ever had a travel accident? Tell us the gory details.

Radhika: I recently sprained my ankle. We were leaving our building when I heard a dog bark behind me. In my excitement (I love dogs. A lot!), I turned around to look at the dog and forgot about the step ahead of me. I missed the step and twisted my ankle, which then went on to swell up in a pretty grotesque fashion.

I’ve recovered well and have no regrets. The dog was cute! 🙂

7. What is at the very top of your bucket list?

We prefer not to make bucket lists (we’ve talked about this here) but we have a couple of goals for 2015.

  • Get to Cuba
  • Travel solo

8. What do you enjoy most about travel blogging?

It’s all still so new to us so we’re loving the rush of it. But reliving our experiences by writing about it all has been heaps of fun!

9. Tell us your favorite travel story…

Don’t you know never to ask a traveler that? Haha jokes. This is such a tough one…

What should we tell you about?

The time we went out on a little boat to go caiman spotting, in the dark, in the Amazon?


Caiman in Amazon

A caiman in the river in the Amazon


But then, there’s that time when Radhika had a robot dance-off with a guy dressed as robot, on Copacabana beach… and won?

Or how about the angry tuk-tuk driver in Bangkok who threw a tantrum because we didn’t do what he wanted us to do?

Ok, ok…we’ll just tell you about our Colombian soccer experience then? [click through for the full story]

Told you it was a toughie!

10. And now tell us your worst…

Is it ok if we don’t answer this? Maybe one day we’ll talk about it. For now, we just want to forget about it!

Okay, so now it’s our turn to nominate a few bloggers and grill them with some questions.


We nominate:


Our questions are:


  1. What is your travel blog about?
  2. How do you pick your next travel destination?
  3. Do you have a favourite travel tip/ hack that you use all the time?
  4. Have you ever been somewhere that wasn’t quite how you expected it to be? How so?
  5. What does responsible/ sustainable travel mean to you?
  6. What is the number one life lesson travelling has taught you?

This was fun to do as it made us to stop and introspect. We look forward to seeing the answers to our questions as well.


Written by

Radhika B.

After turning her back on office life in Australia, Radhika set out to create a life lived on her own terms (a constant work in progress). As co-founder of Fulltime Nomad, she is super passionate about helping others live life with more freedom and flexibility, and a bit of travel thrown in for good measure.