“What should I blog about?

Every newbie blogger wants to know the answer.

It’s simpler than you think so don’t overwhelm yourself trying to come up with the “perfect” blog niche.

If you want to start a blog and make money from it… you know what… you can do it about almost any topic. So, choose a blog topic you know a lot or about or have a passion for and you’ll be able to write countless articles around it.

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Still stuck for blog ideas and need some help on what to blog about? No worries. We have over 80 blog topic ideas to help you get started.

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What to Blog About: Blog Ideas to Inspire You

You can literally write about anything on your blog – as long as it’s interesting enough to make people want to read. People make money from super niche blogs and they also make money from blogs where all they do is talk about their life.

The key is to make it interesting and keep your audience engaged.

But if you’re looking for blog topics for some inspiration before you start your blog, we have a great list for you. Here goes:

  1. Photography
  2. Personal Finance
  3. Celebrity Gossip
  4. Learning a language
  5. Relationship advice
  6. Travelling tips
  7. Painting
  8. Photoshop Tutorials
  9. Psychology
  10. Trading stocks
  11. Virtual Reality
  12. Web development
  13. Vegan Cooking
  14. Travel photography
  15. Inspirational Quotes
  16. Building Websites
  17. Bodybuilding
  18. Travel Reviews
  19. Health & fitness
  20. Audio Production
  21. Bar & Nightclub guides
  22. Men’s lifestyle
  23. Video editing
  24. Eco Living
  25. Yoga
  26. Public speaking
  27. Golf Tutorials
  28. Horror Films
  29. Software development
  30. Productivity tips
  31. Life hacks
  32. Learning new skills
  33. Astronomy & Space
  34. Alternative music
  35. Personal style
  36. Family life
  37. Video game strategies
  38. Marathon running
  39. Hiking Trails
  40. Copywriting tips
  41. Fashions trends
  42. Gardening & home improvement
  43. How to play guitar
  44. Home cooking
  45. Jokes & humor
  46. Environmental Conservation
  47. Self defense training
  48. Poems
  49. Asian food recipes
  50. Cryptocurrency
  51. Hip hop music
  52. Car repairs
  53. Gaming
  54. Drawing
  55. Interior design
  56. Restaurant reviews
  57. Scuba diving
  58. Home brewing beer
  59. Paleo Diets
  60. Animal lovers
  61. WordPress tutorials
  62. Home exercise workouts
  63. Wedding planning
  64. Personal development
  65. App development
  66. DIY home projects
  67. Web design
  68. Writing
  69. Healthy food recipes
  70. Motorsports
  71. Holistic healing
  72. Fishing
  73. Poker tactics
  74. Movie reviews
  75. Sneakers
  76. Art & Culture
  77. Organic food recipes
  78. Dating advice
  79. Business consulting
  80. Sustainable living
  81. Cars
  82. Futurology
  83. Book reviews
  84. College planning

Just Get Started

Now that you have some blog topics and an idea of what to blog about – there is no excuse not to start one today.

Starting a blog is really simple. And honestly you can get one up and running in as little as 10 minutes.

We show you how to do it in this article: How to Start a Blog in Under 10 Minutes

Pick a topic that you are interested in and/or one that you are knowledgeable about and just start writing. You can work out the finer details later but for today – just start.

What is your blog about? We’d love to know – leave us a comment.

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What should I blog about? The No. 1 question newbie bloggers ask.. and we've got some answers. Check out our list of 80+ blog topic ideas to inspire you. | FulltimeNomad.com

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