How to Create an Upwork Profile. 12 Tips That Get You Clients, Crazy FAST

Upwork  is by far one of the most popular and credible freelancing sites where thousands of freelancers are making good money online.

Personally, we have had a lot of success with finding quality clients through Upwork and we believe that having a complete, well-written profile has been a huge reason why.

upwork freelancing

With about 9 million registered freelancers, competition for clients is on an all-time high on Upwork. This means that simply creating a profile on Upwork is not enough. You have to have a killer profile that grabs your client’s attention.

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So how do you create and Upwork profile that gets you, clients? Here is our step-by-step guide.

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Note: Before you get started on Upwork and create your profile, it’s important to pick the right skill for your freelance business. Upwork is frequently rejecting freelancers these days as often, there is a surplus of certain skills and not enough of another. Don’t get your profile rejected.

Choose a skill that is in high demand (learn a new skill if need be) and create an Upwork profile based on this skill.

Not sure what skill to choose? Check out this article: The Most In Demand Skills of 2018 & Beyond – Digital Marketing, Tech & IT Skills

Getting Started On Upwork

The first thing you need to do when starting on Upwork is to ensure that you create the right type of profile.

There are two types of profiles on Upwork; the Client profile and the Freelancer profile. As a freelancer looking for work, the correct profile will be Freelancer, so click on the ‘work’ button as seen below:

Freelancer Profile On Upwork

1. Link Your Accounts

After choosing the correct profile, you will be given the option to link your Upwork account to other online accounts such as Behance, Facebook, Twitter, Dribbble, LinkedIn, DeviantArt, and many more as you can see below.

Linking your profile to your LinkedIn account, for instance, will establish your online presence and will make it easy for Upwork to match you to relevant jobs that match your skills and experience.

Linking your accounts also helps you to build your reputation and verify your identity. This will in turn, increase your credibility in the eyes of a client because they are able to see that you have a bigger presence online and not just on Upwork.

Freelancer Profile On Upwork

2. Add a Profile Photo

Freelancer Profile On UpworkWhen choosing a profile photo, go for a professional and friendly photo. This should be a high-quality headshot that is well centered and in good focus. A good quality profile photo is important because it gives clients a sense of who you are.

Your profile photo is the first thing that represents you so ensure it conveys friendliness and professionalism. When taking a profile photo, look straight in the camera, smile, ensure that the background is clear and uncluttered.

Remember, use your real photo. Do not use cat photos or Google images or worse still, don’t pretend to be Lupita. We all know who she is and she’s definitely not looking for work on Upwork 😎  But if you are looking for inspiration, this photo here is a great example of a quality profile photo, just make sure it is you! 

3. Add Your Title

This section is probably one of the most ignored sections on Upwork; yet, it is one of the most important parts of your profile. There seems to be a general tendency of quickly writing whatever comes to mind when writing the title – something just to fill the required bit.

It is important that you realize that this is the first real description of yourself that clients will see, so you want to catch their eye right away. This small line will play a big role in determining whether a client continues looking at your profile and hopefully consider you for the job.

When writing your title:

  • Be simple and concise: Use straightforward words to create a professional title that describes your skills. 
  • Be specific: Remember competition is high and therefore you have to be very precise on what niche you want to work in and avoid being a jack of all trades as this will narrow your chances of getting hired. So ensure your specific niche comes out clearly on your title.
  • Use keywords: Use key words and phrases that describe your skills and that a potential client might use to search for someone with your skills.

Example: If for instance, you are a Graphic Designer you can quote specialized areas such as logo designer, visual brand designer, or go for general areas such as web designer, web developer etc. Here is a good example of a title on Upwork: 

upwork profile title

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4. Add Your Overview

After the title comes the overview. This is your chance to tell prospective clients a bit more about yourself. You get to sell yourself in a few more words, make it count.

Express the unique skills that you possess that will be of value to your clients in a professional and concise manner. Focus on your niche-specific skills.

Quick tip: Start with the most important information first because only the first two or three sentences of your overview are visible in search results and other Upwork pages. At the end of your overview you can include soft skills related to your area of expertise such as reliable, good communication skills, fast learner, attention to details etc. When creating your overview, have these things in mind: 

  1. Type of work you want to do and the industry you want to work in
  2. Years of experience you hold
  3. Your proficiency with systems and industry-relevant software.
  4. Accomplishments you’re proud of.
  5. Languages you speak and are proficient working in

When writing all of the above, always remember to highlight how your skills and accomplishments can help the client reach their business goals. After all, you have to prove your value to them.

Finally, proofread your overview to ensure that there are no spelling or grammar mistakes because nothing will make a client drop you fast like poor grammar. This is a perfect example of a well written overview:

Freelancer Profile On Upwork

5. Add an Introduction Video

On Upwork you have the option to add an introduction video on your profile. While this may not be entirely necessary, a video:

  • Makes your profile stand out and increases your chances of getting noticed by clients.
  • Is a good chance to offer a compelling look at who you are, what you offer, and showcase your language skills.
  • Builds trust as clients get a feel for who you are and is much more personalised than just a photo.

Your video should be about a minute long, not more. Introduce yourself, give a brief overview of the type of work you are interested in, describe your skills, experience and past employment. End by thanking the viewer for their interest, express your desire to work with them in the future, and don’t forget to invite them to look at your profile.

6. List Your Skills

List a minimum of five and a maximum of 10 skills that enable you to do your job. These should be the most important and most relevant skills for your job category (and the jobs you will apply for).

Make sure you order them by proficiency. Upwork allows you to ‘drag and drop’ listed skills.

Upwork has thousands of skill-based tests. Make time to take tests related to a couple of the skills that you have listed. Taking tests is beneficial to your profile because employers look at them to confirm if indeed you are the right fit for the job.

 Freelancer Profile On Upwork

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7. Assess Your English Skills

The official Upwork language is English but there are thousands of freelancers who posses fluency in other languages. You will be required to assess your English skills – do so honestly.

Even if you’re not a writer, your ability to communicate with a client is important. By being honest about your language skills, clients can have an idea of what to expect from you.

If English is your native language then select the ‘Native or Bilingual’ option. If you can only write or converse in English, then select the appropriate option. If you possess knowledge of other languages, list them as well. Definitely don’t lie that you are fluent in a language when you know too well you can barely write in the said language.

Freelancer Profile On Upwork

8. Select your Experience Level

As part of having a 100% complete profile on Upwork you must rate your experience level.

There are 3 levels, Entry Level, Intermediate and Expert. The level you choose is not according to your experience on Upwork but the overall professional experience you hold in your area of expertise.

For most freelancers who are employed and freelancing on the side or those who have been freelancing part-time but now want to do it full time, their level of experience will more likely be Intermediate or Expert depending on the number of years worked.

However, if you are just starting out in a particular area, be honest and select Entry Level. This will not affect your profile but will help clients gauge your ability to handle different projects.

Freelancer Profile On Upwork

9. Add Your Employment History

To improve your profile and credibility, list your employment history as a way to showcase your experience, past projects and qualifications. In this section, list your previous work experience focusing only on projects that relate to the type of job you want.

Use bullet points to highlight achievements and specific expertise.  Make sure that you add a brief description about your responsibilities and examples of projects you accomplished in each position listed.

When you get clients on Upwork in future, remember to go back and add them in this section. This will not only showcase your added experience but also reinforce your credibility as a freelancer on Upwork and get you more work.

Freelancer Profile On Upwork

10. Add Your Education

To further validate your credentials, let clients know more about your educational background. List the institution name and your degree(s) in chronological order with the most recent degree at the top. Education background is important even if what you studied is not related to what you are currently doing.

If you do not have a formal education, it’s not a big deal. Just add all informal and self-taught education in the “Other Experiences” section.

When listing your education be simple and specific. If you gain new qualifications make sure you update your profile routinely to help you land more jobs in future.

Freelancer Profile On Upwork

Freelancer Profile On Upwork

11. Build Your Portfolio

The portfolio is the section where you showcase your past work examples and projects so that people can see the quality of your work. If you’re able to show great ability in a specific area, then clients will definitely trust that you’re an expert in that area and want to work with you.

For some categories such as Web Development, Design & Creative, Writing and the likes, this is a very important section that should be part of a winning profile. So if you fall under such categories putting together a great portfolio will definitely be worth it.

When using a client’s work in your portfolio such as a website you created, a brochure, a blog post etc. make sure that you get your clients’ permission before sharing it. 

When adding your portfolio ensure that you put your best work first. If you have some work that you’re not so proud of it is better to leave it out. If you have expertise in more than one area make sure your portfolio reflects your wide range of skills. In essence, let your portfolio tell your story. 

Make sure that you keep your portfolio up-to-date by updating any new projects that you finish. This will show clients how your talent has grown over time. Also, when you get feedback from past clients, make sure you link them to a related item in your portfolio.

Finally don’t forget to file every item under the most relevant category for example, Article & Blog Writing, Social Media Marketing,  Web & Mobile Design,  Graphic Design etc. See how well this freelancer has listed their portfolio.

Freelancer Profile On Upwork

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12. Set your Hourly Rate

Finally, the last step when creating your Upwork Freelancer profile is to set your hourly rate. This is probably the most confusing bit of the profile because people tend to feel shy about what they think they are worth, while some just over do it. While there is no right hourly rate, ensure that your starting rate matches your experience and skills. You could also take a look at what other freelancers in your chosen categories are charging and pick a rate that is competitive with theirs.

Freelancer Profile On Upwork

Get Ready to Succeed on Upwork

Did you know that there are online courses that you can tale to help you succeed on Upwork? Here are our top picks:

Upwork courses

Taking time to create a well-written Upwork profile will give you great results in the long run because you will be seen as a star freelancer that clients will want to work with. So go on and follow these tips to improve your Upwork profile.

Got any more tips on how to improve a Freelancer Profile on Upwork? Please share with us in the comments.

PLEASE NOTE: If your Upwork profile was rejected, it may be because Upwork is now reviewing new freelancer registrations. Unfortunately we are not able to advise on issues with individual Upwork profiles as we do not have access to members’ private info. More info on the Upwork Support website {click on link to read}. If you continue to have issues, please contact Upwork directly regarding this. Good luck 🙂

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  1. Andy

    Hey guys, thanks very much for the article, very helpful! I’ve just started landing gigs on Upwork and I’m finding it a good place to spend my time also.


    • Radhika

      Cheers Andy! Glad to hear you found it helpful. What sort of working are you doing on Upwork?

      • Andy

        Have only done a couple so far Radhika, web copy about food and an eGuide about travel. I’ve got another travel eGuide in the pipeline. I’m hoping this can supplement my blogging!

        • Radhika

          That’s great Andy! Good luck with it all 🙂

        • MD Shahzad

          I Do it all but Upwork didn’t approve my profile. please help me how should upwork approve my profile. please
          I’m a freelancer and have experience to work with upwork. I love to work on upwork but My profile should not be approved
          I Shall be very thankful to you If you Help me.

      • Dam

        Hi Radhika, I am new on Upwork and would wish to know why my application keeps being rejected yet my profile is at 100%.

        • Radhika

          Hi Dam. I can’t really answer that without knowing what your profile looks like. Do you mean your profile is fully complete when you say 100%? While complete profiles are important, the quality of your profile is also very important. I would look at the advice above and see if you have actively applied it to your profile.

          Some other things to consider: Are you applying to jobs you are qualified for? Does your profile demonstrate your qualifications? Are you sending out quality, thought-out proposals that tell clients why you’re the right person for the job?

          Winning a job as a new freelancer on Upwork can take a bit of time at the start, so don’t lose hope 🙂 Keep improving your profile and your proposals and keep applying to jobs – things will fall into place.

          • Arjit jere

            Hello Radhika.Im arjit,also from india.Im a freelance writer currently writing a blog.I want to start scientific writing on upwork but my profile was rejected by upwork-saying no demand for my skill-scientific/creative writing.however when I saw writing jobs on the site there were 50+ jobs in the same topic.How can I make the profile acceptable to site?My profile is 40% yet but I haven’t worked anywhere and that’s an obstacle to make it 100%.How do I overcome that.Finding other work immediately would be a hassle.Im disappointed after this.Any help on the above will be appreciated.

          • Radhika

            Arijit, unfortunately we are not able to advise on issues with individual Upwork profiles as we do not have access to your private info. Our advice would be to contact Upwork directly regarding this. Good luck ?

          • Sheriff

            Hi Radhika,
            My profile got stuck at add you work(5%). I am in touched with one client but didn’t get any project yet, most of the client reject my proposal. I have good knowledge of my domain.

            Kindly let me know how to overcome from this problem.


          • Shweta Raut

            Hi, Radhika mine problem is same like Dam, i hv reigestered on upwork before 1 month back, i am keep on searching bt nt getting yet any proposals, though my profile is 100%…

      • maniq

        Hi Radihka I recently created an upwork.account and I’ve been working my ass off to get it to the accepted level as a freelancer but my account seem inexistant and it’s really frustrating cos I want to spec it off and upload my profile pic I checked the reason on google and I learnt of the menu option but when I go to setting I only see the things I don’t need like the “about us,terms of service etc and nothing to show that I can edit my account whatsoever I’m getting really disappointed it’s been days now! Some one pls help me out

        • Radhika

          Hi Maniq. I’m sorry you’re having trouble with your Upwork profile but unfortunately I can’t really figure out what the issue is? Maybe you can try contacting the Upwork support team? This is their Facebook page: Click on the message button and ask them what the issue is?

      • Asheesh Sharma

        Hello mam, can you help me in signing up on upwork 9418365135 is my WhatsApp contact

        • Radhika

          Asheesh, freelancers need to create their own profiles. Please visit to create a profile.

          • Joyce

            My profile has been rejected yet I feel it’s the best. What can I do?

          • Radhika

            Hi Joyce, I believe Upwork is now rejecting profiles if they already have a large number of freelancers in your chosen field. Unfortunately we’re unable to assist with issues affecting individual Upwork profiles as we don’t have access to your personal information. Get in touch with Upwork directly regarding this issue and someone from customer service will hopefully be able to advise you. Good luck!

    • Lucy

      Hi there Andy? Wish you could help me build up my up work profile because it fails every time I update it. Please

      • Radhika

        Hi Lucy. We’re not quite sure by what you mean when you say “it fails every time”. Would love a bit more info so I can give you some specific advice and hopefully help you out.

    • Farman Hassan

      hello there …please help me . My profile does not approved i receive this message every time i updated my profile.
      “We’ve reviewed your profile and currently our marketplace doesn’t have opportunities for your area of expertise.

      If you have more relevant skills or experience to add, you can update and re-submit your profile. You can find more information regarding our decision”

  2. Filip

    I am on Upwork for a while now, and it started to be really slow. So I’ve googled some strategies on how to improve my profile, since I believe it could help me in landing more jobs.
    This article helps with filling some blanks. Thank you and keep up with this work. I will follow you and share your stuff more from now on.

    • Radhika

      Hey Filip! So happy to hear it’s been useful. Do keep coming back – we plan to cover a lot more freelancing topics.

  3. Neelima

    Hi radhika,
    I m New to upwork n want to create profile of my started company on upwork.pls guide me
    Abt me I hv total 7yrs of IT experience in software testing.

    • Radhika

      Hi Neelima! That’s great that you’re interested in getting started on Upwork. The blog post above goes through the details of creating an Upwork profile so be sure to follow these guidelines. Even if you are new to Upwork, you clearly have the industry experience in your field, so focus on your experience in IT & software testing and how this will bring value to your clients.

      We also have a couple more Upwork related posts coming up in the next week or so, that I hope you will find helpful.

  4. Miken

    Hi Radhika,

    Thanks for sharing these helpful tips.

    I have 7 years of working in IT company. Now i want to start my own company with one other partner and two other employees.

    I have few question,
    1) Can i create profile for my company in up work to find projects.?
    2) In that case what should i write in experience and education background related fields as this is not my personal profile.

    • Radhika

      Hi Miken. You can register on Upwork as a freelancer or an agency. You and your employees will still need to have individual freelancer profiles but will appear as team members of your agency. You can assign the role of business manager to yourself or your partner, and send proposals for jobs on behalf of your agency and any other team member. This support page on Upwork has more detailed info:

      • arun kumar

        Hi Radhika, I am new to upwork. Whenever i tried to upload proposal, I ever got a message that you are not able to get this work. Please guide me how to get first job on upwork. If you can help me than please.

        • Radhika

          Hi Arun, I am not a 100% sure about what you mean. Sometimes clients will set very specific criteria for the type of freelancer they are looking for. So for example, a client might specify they want freelancers from a certain country, or with a certain JSS score, or even freelancers who have completed a certain number of hours. If you don’t fit this criteria, you may be unable to apply for these jobs.

          When applying for jobs, make sure to check all criteria thoroughly before you apply. Clients add all this information to a job post as that is the ideal freelancer they would like to hire. There really is little point to applying for a job where you clearly don’t check all the boxes. Instead, look for jobs where you match the client’s search criteria better.

          I hope that helps. 🙂

  5. Jessica Weigel

    Every time I submit my profile, I receive this message: We’ve reviewed your profile and currently our marketplace doesn’t have opportunities for your area of expertise.

    If you have more relevant skills or experience to add, you can update and re-submit your profile. You can find more information regarding our decision here.

    I have added skills and my profile is at 100%. I see A LOT of job posting that fit my skills. Why does it keep rejecting my profile?

    • Radhika

      Hi Jessica! I’m really not sure what the issue is. 🙁 Have you tried contacting the Upwork support team and asking for more info? You can send them a private message via Facebook ( They’re very quick to respond.

  6. marlene

    hi Radhika,
    i set up a profile but it seems like my profile is for hiring, i need the work profile, how do i change this please?
    thanks in advance

    • Radhika

      Hi Marlene! I think the quickest way would be to contact their support team. I’m sure they can switch it over for you. You can message them via their Facebook page:

  7. Rob @ Money Nomad

    This is an exceptional guide to creating a great Upwork profile. When I first started on Upwork I would land jobs I applied for, but no one would contact me directly. After making a few serious adjustments to my profile (like the ones you mentioned here) I was flooded with work!

    Great post and keep up the awesome blogging.

    • Radhika

      Thank you Rob – that’s what we like to hear!

  8. Pritpal Singh

    This one is prefect tips.

    • Radhika

      Thanks Pritpal!

  9. Jill

    Hello. I am rather new to upwork, and have yet to land my first job. I have just been awarded rising talent, have a 100% profile completion, and have taken 9 skills test. All the skills test were above average scoring. So my question is, am I doing something wrong?

    I have submitted at least 20 proposals, and had a few bites, but nothing sticks. I thank you for any advice you can give.

    • Radhika

      Hi Jill. It’s hard for me to say what’s going wrong without actually seeing your profile or knowing what industry you work in. But here are some things to condiser. Does your profile clearly outline skills and experience? Do clients have a reason to hire you? Have you followed the tips in this blog post to make sure your profile is not just complete but also interesting and fully shows off your skills. Additionally, I’d recommend putting effort into your Upwork proposals. I would also think about your niche and how can offer a specialised service to clients. Finally, don’t give up! Sometimes it takes a bit of time when you’re starting out. The first one is always the hardest. So keep trying and good luck!

    • Vignesh Kumar S

      Hi Jill,

      I just wanted to know whether you landed in any job recently. How did you go from there?

  10. Tushar

    After submission my profile i got following message:

    We’ve reviewed your profile and currently our marketplace doesn’t have opportunities for your area of expertise.

    If you have more relevant skills or experience to add, you can update and re-submit your profile. You can find more information regarding our decision

    Please advice me to solve the problem

    • Radhika

      Hi Tushar, my advice would be to discuss it with the Upwork support team as I not able to advise on individual profile issues. You can contact them here —

  11. Sachchi Chowdhury

    My skill is best but they say,,,We’ve reviewed the updated skills and experience you added to your profile. Unfortunately our marketplace does not have opportunities for you based on your combination of skills and experience and we will not be able to accept your registration. We thank you for your interest. link of my profile pls help me, i need a work to earn. please..

    • Radhika

      Hi Sachchi, sorry to hear this. Unfortunately you will have to contact the Upwork team directly with regards to this —

  12. Bhumika Samanta

    I have 8 yrs experinced of It Company.
    Work like Lead Generation,Email Finding,Web Searching,Market Developing,B2B Marketing,etc.Now i want to start my own company.
    I have one question,
    1)What should I write in skills & Experience

    • Radhika

      Hi Bhumika. That is quite a broad range of skills. I would recommend picking one or two that you are most experienced in and building your profile around that.

  13. sajid

    Hey there ,
    I just want to verify my profile by mobile but I should I do ?

    • Radhika

      Hi Sajid, I’m not sure what you mean but if you need help with your Upwork profile, I recommend contacting Upwork directly.

  14. Ayaz Rafai

    Hello there,

    I have created new account here in Upwork. I’m getting rejection again and again since last one month.
    This message prompting in my Profile

    “We’ve reviewed your profile and currently our marketplace doesn’t have opportunities for your area of expertise.
    If you have more relevant skills or experience to add, you can update and re-submit your profile. You can find more information regarding our decision here.”

    Please give me suggestion to fix it.


    • Radhika

      Hi Ayaz, my advice would be to discuss it with the Upwork support team as I not able to advise on individual profile issues. You can contact them here —

  15. Syed Naseer Haider

    i am new on upwork and i had set up my profile with all my experience and my profile is now 100% but they are rejecting again and again saying that your area of expertese does’nt suit us .. why ?

    • Radhika

      Syed, unfortunately we are not able to advise on issues with individual Upwork profiles as we do not have access to your private info. Please contact Upwork directly regarding this. Good luck 🙂

  16. nitin chaudhary

    i am new in upwork .my profile 100%complete but this message show on my profile(We’ve reviewed your profile and currently our marketplace doesn’t have opportunities for your area of expertise.

    If you have more relevant skills or experience to add, you can update and re-submit your profile. You can find more information regarding our decision here.) pleas help me .

    • Fulltime Nomad

      Hello Nitin, unfortunately we’re unable to assist with issues affecting individual Upwork profiles. Kindly get in touch with Upwork directly regarding this issue and someone from customer service will advise you accordingly. Good luck!


    Hello, I have created my profile along with a decent portfolio, educational qualification, and work experience. Still, I am pained to learn that I am not eligible for submitting proposals on Upwork. Could you please tell me the reason? I am tensed.

    • Fulltime Nomad

      Hello Palash, we understand your frustrations. Unfortunately we’re not able to assist with individual profiles as we don’t have access. Our advice is try and contact Upwork directly as soon as you can. We wish all the best!

  18. Tutul

    Very Helpful Writing

    • Radhika

      Thanks Tutul!

  19. Ilyas Tarar

    Thanks for this article. I’m about to setup an UpWork profile so I thought I must learn something about it. Having read this, I’ll now do a course from Udemy and then setup my freelancer profile. I must admit that this article has helped me learn enough about setting up a profile.

    • Radhika

      Glad to hear it was helpful, Ilyas.

  20. Muriel

    At this time it sounds like WordPress is the best blogging platform out there right now. (from what I’ve read) Is that what you’re using on your blog?

    • Radhika

      Hi Muriel, yes we use WordPress and highly recommend it, especially for newbie bloggers. Let us know if you have any more questions.

  21. Hamza khan

    Hey randhika i am pretty expert in food and fitness and gym etc is there any job regarding these topics on upwork? 🙂 waiting for ur reply kindly 🙂

    • Radhika

      Hi Hamza, what exactly is your expertise in? “Food and fitness and gym” are interests. Do you have any skills such as writing that could be related to these interests. If so, I’m sure you won’t have trouble finding work on Upwork. You can see a variety of jobs available here:

  22. Saad Saleem

    Hi Radhika,

    Thanks for this post, hopefully with the help of this my upwork profile will be good.

    I plan in outsourcing networking companies to give me work.

    • Radhika

      Good luck, Saad! 🙂

  23. Shabna Nazeer

    Hai Radhika,
    I am new in upwork and also I am a fresher I don’t have any experience and may I know how to write my portfolio also could you tell me how to complete my profile with 100percentage.

    • Radhika

      Hi Shabna, the article above has lots of advice for completing your profile. I recommend reading it and going through each section of your profile to help you complete it. The most important sections you must complete in your profile are the title, the overview, your employment history and add at least 2 skills. You must also add a photo. Taking at least one skills test is also important. This should help you get pretty close to 100%. If you don’t, try to add portfolio items, education, other skills etc. The more you add to your profile. the better your chances of getting to a 100%.

  24. Dwight

    Really Appreciate this blog post, can I set it up so I get an email sent to me whenever you write a new update?

    • Radhika

      Hi Dwight, you can sign up to our newsletter. We usually send one out every couple of weeks with links to all the latest posts. Alternatively, you can subscribe to our feed on Feedly.

  25. Quantus

    Hi there,
    It makes an interesting read.
    Very resourceful article.
    I have already earned some dollars which makes me proud freelancing.

    • Fulltime Nomad

      Hello Quantus. Happy to hear you’re having some success with freelancing, we hope you keep going! Thank you for reading, we appreciate it.

  26. Jenny

    very nice and explained everything in detail. thanks for guiding newbies.

  27. Asif

    i am a beginner i have not done any portfolio yet. how can i complete my profile?

  28. Tejendra

    Hello Madam,

    Can you please help to getting more job because right now i am not getting much job, i am Full stack developer and expert in WordPress, can you please look at my profile once and please guide me if any wrong in my profile.

    Please help me.


    • Radhika

      Hi Tejendra,

      When I look at your profile, it’s not really obvious to me that you are an expert in any one particular area. I highly recommend you focus on niching down your profile to establish to clients how you are an expert in your are. At the moment your profile is very general and it just seems like you can do a bit of everything but you may not necessarily be an expert.

      You talk a lot about your experience but don’t actually demonstrate your experience i.e. you don’t show clients the results you can provide them as a result of your experience. Make your profile about what you can do for your clients and less about you.

      You already have good feedback and a 100% JSS so I would recommend working on your profile to highlight your expertise as a full stack developer and your WordPress expertise. Follow the tips above to make these changes.

      Good luck!

      • star

        Hello Madam,
        I’m new in upwork and I Have proposed to many jobs but I’m always rejected and I don’t know what should to do to get the job is it about the letter or my profile
        I Will really appreciate if you could help me this my profile

        • Radhika

          Hi Star,

          The link to your profile is incorrect. Have you followed the guidelines recommended above for your Upwork profile? We also guidelines for Upwork proposals here Review this and compare to what you’re currently doing. That would be a great starting point.

          • star

            thank you for your answer and your tips it’s really so helpful ! I already edited my profile can you please have another look AND TELL ME your opinion ? sorry if I’m bothering you ! and i have another question is it okey to right in my proposal that I’m new here but I have so many suggestion to make this project run successfully

          • Radhika

            Hi Hossam,

            I’d highly recommend that you read the article above thoroughly. Your profile doesn’t follow most of the recommendations above. You need to highlight how your experience can be of benefit to the client. Your profile is very vague and talks about your language and communications skills instead of detailing your graphic design experience. You can’t just say “all software programs” but instead you need to be specific. Demonstrate your experience and how it will be useful for a client. Don’t expect a client to assume you are good at graphic design – show them.

            You can also check out this article for more info:

          • Eman

            Hi Radhika.
            I want to create upwork id. but problem is that I am Bangladeshi. Now I am living in Malaysia. that’s why my all of information is not same.
            At this situation what can I do?

          • Radhika

            Hi Eman, if you live in Malaysia and would like to create a profile from there, I think you have to provide proof of your residence in this situation.

    • Fulltime Nomad

      Hello Mehedi, congratulations for joining Upwork and getting accepted! Now it’s time for the real work to start 🙂 Check out our post on How to Get Your First Job on Upwork: 12 Tips for more advice on how to start working on Upwork. We hope it helps. Wishing you success!

  29. anjali patel

    can’t create accoount

  30. Raj kumar Rana

    hello radhika,
    i am a regular member of upwork. i have also a Top rated profile on upwork as a graphic designer… but i am facing lots of fake jobs or no hiring jobs… please help me.. i am from india also.

  31. Fakhar

    HI, can you help me by choosing skills that improve my id sales and marketing.

  32. marien

    Thanks for the info. let’s hope I can create an attractive profile to get clients.

    • Md Rejon Mia

      Hi Radihka,
      I create my upwork profile and complete 100% . But my account is not approved. I try but nothing to do. Can you help me please ???


      • Fulltime Nomad

        Hello! We’re sorry to hear that. Unfortunately all we can do is give you advice (as above) but beyond that it is upto Upwork’s discretion.

  33. warda rizwan

    hi Radihka… I m a student of charted accountant. I have not experience and portfolio. Also work. Can u tell me what can I do.

    • Fulltime Nomad

      Hello Warda,

      It really doesn’t matter if you don’t have any experience you can still get some work. We have to start somewhere for the experience right? Follow our Upwork tips and increase your chances of getting hired. It would be best to look for relevant clients who welcome job applications from new freelancers.

  34. Shani

    HI Radhika.I’m a draughtsman.
    Working with AutoCAD. and also Data entry Operator.
    so Please may i know that, can i join with upwork in that field.

    • Radhika

      Hi Shani, sure. You have to create your profile and see what skills are in demand on Upwork. That’s not something I can help you with, unfortunately.

  35. Md Mahadi hasan

    How can i Write a professional overview