How To Quadruple Your Freelancing Turnover [INFOGRAPH]

Are you a freelancer graphic designer or animator working from one project to the next and wondering how you can increase your income?

You could just increase your rates or work longer hours but have you ever thought about expanding and starting a studio instead?

I can’t afford that“, I hear you say.

“I’d have to employ artists, rent an office and what if I don’t win enough work?

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Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. David Mattock from Full Rotation Animation has created an infographic with useful ways to grow your turnover without the usual expenses.

Check it out below.

Expanding from freelancer to a studio without the expense

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Written by

David Mattock

David Mattock is an animator and motion designer based in the UK. After freelancing for many years he grew through the methods described in the infographic to form a small collaborative animation company.
Keep up with his work on his website, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.