Living abroad series: Tell us YOUR story

What’s it like to live in _______________________ ?

Have you lived and worked in a foreign country?

If someone asked you “what’s it like to live in ________ (fill in the blank with village/town/city/country of your choice), would you have a good story to tell?

We want to hear your story!

Aim of the series: To showcase the realities of living abroad, in different places, around the world. We want to inspire our readers by telling stories about different ways of life – as experienced by real people.

Want to see an example? Here are some stories about living abroad {click on link to read}

Contributor Guidelines

Who can contribute: If you have lived and worked in a foreign country – we want to hear your story. Your job doesn’t have to be digital (you could be a farmer or even a yoga teacher). The aim is to educate our readers about the possibilities and opportunities for living abroad.

Content: We will provide you with a set of simple questions to answer about the city/location you lived in.

Some questions include:

What do/did you love about living there?

What is/was a typical day like for you?

What is the cost of living per month?

Format: Short answer questions.

Tone: We love posts that are personal, friendly and tell a good story. A bit of humour also helps.

Editing: We reserve the right to edit any piece submitted to Fulltime Nomad.

Exclusivity: You agree that the post you write for Fulltime Nomad will only be published on unless otherwise agreed upon. You are of course more than welcome to promote the post via your own blog (by writing a blurb that links to Fulltime Nomad) and via social media.

How To Submit

Please send an email to radhika [at] fulltimenomad [dot] com, briefly telling us the place you want to write about and what you did there.

Once approved we will provide a link to a Google document with the list of questions and instructions.

We will also require a brief bio (50-100 words) and links to your blog and up to two of your social media profiles.

We love images. If you have any images that you think would be good to include you can upload them to our shared Google folder. We will provide instructions.

After Submission

All finished articles will link to your blog and up to two social media channels. We will let you know when the post is published. We will also share the blog post across our social media channels and to our email list. Please feel free to promote it via your own blog, email and social media channels.

We look forward to reading your stories! 🙂