Should I Start a Blog? 8 Good Reasons to Start a Blog in 2020

If you find yourself wondering out loud, “Should I start a blog?” all the time, you probably need to give that inner voice talking to you a chance.

Blogging is one of the quickest and easiest ways to express yourself online. The fact that it’s literally free and has the potential to bring in an income has seen more and more people start blogs every day.

So why should you write a blog too? What is so good about blogging that means everyone should have a go?

You may not know it yet, but there’s a pretty good reason why you’re having that strong desire to start a blog.

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Don’t wonder anymore. Here are some pretty good reasons why you should blog.

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Why Should I Start a Blog? 8 Reasons to Start a Blog

1. Do something you’re passionate about

Most people find themselves blogging because they are passionate about something and they want to share their passion with others.

A blog gives you the platform to do something that you’re passionate about. You probably enjoy cooking more than anything else. You want people to enjoy making food as much as you do. A blog is a good platform to share your cooking skills.

2. To help people

If you’re an expert on particular topics, share your knowledge with others through a blog. You could be pretty good at managing money so teach people how to manage their income.

Putting all your know-how on a blog has the power to educate and help other people. The privilege of helping others in one way or another is one of the most fulfilling aspects of blogging. You rest assured that you are making the world we live in a better place.

3. Travel the world and work from anywhere

Nothing sucks like having a deep desire to travel but you’re only able to do so for two weeks a year. Forget that you’ve worked so hard all year round and deserve a longer break.

Maybe you just want to go visit family and friends who live abroad. But you have to work.

The beauty of a blog is that you’re not bound by geographical boundaries. Because a blog lives online you can take your blog with you anywhere you want. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection and you can go travel the world while still working.

It’s even better if you are making money blogging because you get free time and extra money to travel the world.

4. Anyone can do it

Blogging doesn’t need any specialised skills. While writing skills are important for a blogger, you can keep improving as you go. Getting started is pretty simple even if you have zero technical skills.

Anyone can be a successful blogger as long as they are committed to it, want it badly enough, and are willing to put in the work.

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5. Low startup costs

Starting a blog requires very little investment (if any). In most cases, you can get started immediately without spending any money by using free blogging platforms such as and Blogger.

However, if you want to take your blog to the next level you will spend a couple of dollars to buy a domain name, pay for web hosting and maybe a premium template.

6. Build a money-making business

You may be thinking about blogging as a hobby but did you know that hobby can make you money? Yes starting a blog can be financially profitable.

The truth is that not every blog will be profitable. But many bloggers have made lots of money from their blogging, both directly and indirectly.

It takes time, but once you’ve mastered how to get traffic to your blog and have enough readers you will start making some small, passive income. The more traffic you gain the more income you’ll earn. You can actually earn a living from blogging only.

7. Open up new opportunities

A blog allows you to promote yourself as an expert and when people see you as a real expert they’ll want to partner and do business with you.

If you’re blogging because you love writing, a blog could open up other writing opportunities that bring you more income.

If you’re an expert in a certain area, you could create online courses and make passive income from them.

The opportunities are endless.

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8. Live your ideal life

As a blogger, you are your own boss. This gives you full control of how you live your life. You can easily incorporate work and your hobbies into your daily schedule.

You don’t have to worry about waking up early to commute to work. You can wake up whenever you want and work on your blog whenever you want. This gives you the freedom to do the things that truly matter to you.

We believe these are sufficient reasons to answer the question “should I start a blog?”

Now, do you feel challenged to start a blog as well? If yes, head over to this guide Blogging Blueprint: Zero to Passive Income Step-by-Step and learn how to create a blog on your own!