Upwork Job Success Score: What It Means and How to Improve Yours

The Upwork Job Success Score – it’s Upwork’s unique feedback scoring system and, based on the number of questions we get about it – we’re guessing it’s something that confuses many of you.

As a freelancer, your reputation is everything. The Upwork Job Success Score is a measure of your reputation on the platform.

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And, we cannot emphasise enough, the value of a good reputation on any popular online jobs site, including Upwork.

Clients like to know they’re hiring freelancers who have a good reputation for quality work and delivery. The way they assess this on Upwork, is through the Job Success Score. So for you, a freelancer, it’s important to maintain a good score.

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Top freelancers will normally have a score of 90% and higher. To clients, this is a reflection of a freelancer who meets or even exceeds work expectations – leading to happy clients. These are the freelancers every client wants to work with. That’s how important your JSS is.


upwork job success

Radhika’s Upwork profile is at 100% Job Success – a score she works very hard to maintain.


So, what exactly is the Job Success Score (JSS) and how can you make sure that you get a higher score? What impacts your JSS? Let’s get into the nitty gritty.

The Upwork Job Success Score Explained

The Upwork Job Success Score is a measure of the quality of your work and reputation on Upwork. Your score is based on how clients rank your performance over a period of 24 months.

In simple terms, JSS is the comparison between your happy clients and unhappy clients, against the total number of clients you have had over the last 24 months.

Upwork’s Job Success Score is always displayed on your profile. If you’re a new freelancer, your JSS will be displayed after you’ve completed four or more projects.

While obviously we don’t know the exact algorithm behind the score, we do know that the system takes several factors into consideration when determining your performance.

These include:

  • Client feedback
  • Successful completion of work
  • Client complaints
  • Missed deadlines
  • Responsiveness levels (to interview invitations and client messages)
  • Disputes
  • Repeat clients

The JSS is updated every two weeks. Your goal should be to keep your score above 90%. If your score falls below 70%, you risk having your account suspended. You certainly don’t want this to happen especially after all the effort you put into landing clients in the first place.

You can find your current Job Success Score on your My Stats page.

upwork job success 100%

What Causes Your Upwork Job Success Score to Dip?

There are several issues that can result in a drop in your score.

1. Negative client feedback

This is one of the biggest causes of a poor JSS. Both public and private feedback will affect your reputation on Upwork. Most clients are reasonable and will give credit where it’s due but if you do not deliver as agreed then you definitely won’t have a happy client.

Constant negative reviews will lead to a poor score and ultimately a suspended account. Focus on providing your clients with a great experience and you’ll receive great ratings and feedback.

2. Lack of Feedback

This is closely related to negative feedback. Also it is probably one of the factors that most of us don’t take into account.

So you’ve completed your job successfully and ended a contract, the client doesn’t give you any feedback.You ignore it because at least it wasn’t negative feedback!.

While a few jobs without feedback will not affect your JSS; if you have a pattern of contracts ending without feedback, it’s very likely to affect your score.

Whenever you complete a job successfully, politely remind the client to leave you feedback.


Upwork job success score


3. Inactive Contracts

There will be instances where you start a contract but for whatever reason, the contract doesn’t kick off. So no work/time is logged and no payment is made.

In other cases, you may work for a while and then the client doesn’t assign you any more work for a long period.

These two cases can affect your Job Success Score. Request a client to end such contracts as soon as you can, to prevent having a history of inactive contracts.

4. Missing Deadlines

Sticking to set deadlines is one of the best ways to build your reputation on Upwork. Clients want someone they can rely on. In fact, many clients will give you a bonus and a good review for work done under tight deadlines.

Missing deadlines will have an effect on your job success score. So unless it’s the client’s fault, always ensure you hand in work in good time. If you need more time, ask the client to change the due date in advance.

How Can You Improve Your Job Success Score?

Think of the Upwork Job Success Score as a trust signal for clients. Clients trust freelancers with good scores because it means they’re knowledgeable in their field and also reliable freelancers.

They want to hire freelancers with a track record of delivering projects on time and do the work as promised. A high JSS will therefore make your profile stand out and land you more projects.

To improve your Upwork Job Success Score, focus on delivering great work and maintaining a good reputation by doing the following:

  • Complete your projects successfully

Every time you accept a job, make sure that you give it your best and complete it successfully and under the agreed terms. Great communication is key in the success of your project. Work closely with your clients and communicate effectively and frequently during the contract.

Communicate promptly in case of instances where you may not be able to deliver work at the time agreed or if you are having any difficulties with the job.

Remember that a happy client equals good feedback and good feedback will improve your JSS.

  • Avoid poorly rated clients

Thankfully, freelancers are allowed to rate clients too and some clients are just not worth the time.

Before applying for a job or accepting an offer, check the client’s current review score. Are they rated highly or poorly?

Avoid poorly rated clients as they might be difficult to work with or may even leave unjust negative feedback to their freelancers.

No matter how enticing the job might be, you’re better off looking for another client as a poorly rated client might just end up giving you a poor score that affects your hard earned JSS.

A client’s rating can be viewed under ‘About Client’ in the job details page. You can also check out the actual feedback from other freelancers at the bottom of the job post so you know the reason for the poor feedback as well.


Upwork job success score

This client’s feedback is based only of 1 review but it’s already not a good impression.


  • End inactive contracts

If you have a client who has not assigned you any work for more than 4 weeks, contact them and ask to end the contract if they don’t have any more work for you at the moment. Remember to request them to leave you feedback.

Need Further Help with Upwork?

These online courses will give you the extra help that you’re looking for:

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A good reputation on Upwork is important if you want to keep a steady flow of income as a freelancer. Some of these mistakes can be easily avoided so do your due diligence to ensure that you get a high Upwork Job Success Score and keep it above 90%.

We hope these tips will help you stay successful and maintain a good Job Success Score. If you have any additional comments or advice, feel free to leave us a comment. 

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  1. Joelle

    This was very helpful thank you! Just last week I noticed my score was 82% but I only had 5* feedback. I think it must be the inactive contracts.

    • Radhika

      Happy to hear that Joelle. Maybe start closing out some of the contracts and see if things improve? Good luck!

  2. Nitin Rajput

    I am new to upwork and my jss is none because of this i cant get any project. Please help me how to get project if my jss is 0 .

    • Fulltime Nomad

      Hello Nitin, your JSS cannot be calculated until you get hired and receive feedback. If you don’t have any active contracts then your JSS will remain at 0 untill you start working. Our advice is to apply for relevant jobs you qualify for and follow our job application tips to get some work going.

  3. Liaqat Ali Shah

    I have completed 4 projects with 3 5 stars reviews and one 4.60 Stars review. But still my job success score is 75%. Why is that and how can it be improved to 90%.

    • Fulltime Nomad

      Hello Liaqat, there are many other factors that are considered when calculating your Job Success Score and not just the reviews. Also note that your score is based on how clients rank your performance over a period of 24 months so it may take a while before your current score changes. This deosn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong, just keep doing everything right and the score will go up with time.


    I am new in upwork.Today I have completed 4th projects with 5 stars reviews.My clients are highly satisfied with my work.And they are trying to give me new project. Now I want know when my job success rate will show in my upwork id.Please ans my question.

    • Fulltime Nomad

      Hello, the Job Success Score will start showing once you complete at least 5 to 8 projects with at least 3 different clients. So keep doing a good job and your score will show.

      • PRITOM

        Thank you so much #Fulltime Nomad

  5. Palmer

    My favourite part of a JSS is the hidden feedback left by clients. I can’t begin to tell you how bad this is. The point of feedback is in the word “feedback”. If it is secret what good is it. Upwork takes a simple format and overly complicates the process. Look at eBay or billion dollar company Amazon. If you buy something and provide feebback on your experience with the seller. Provide great service and products get great reviews. Don’t and you get negative reviews. No hidden feedback, no losing invisible points for not getting feedback just honest constructive feedback that works for everyone. You can read all about upworks JSS policy but the sad truth is that it is overly complicated, confusing and most importantly unfair.

  6. dirkje bakker-pierre

    Hi, i completed the profile on upwork, which was quite a lot of work, to then be told that they have to many people offering the skillls i offered. Now, i have many skills so i could easily make a new profile, but they dont make it clear where the demand is, and it feels like a waste of time to keep on making different profiles untill one of them “hits”, could you please advise? thanks a lot 🙂