Online Customer Service Jobs: How to Work in Customer Service From Home

Interested in finding online customer service jobs? Well you’ve come to the right place for info.

An increasing number of businesses are looking for help to manage their customer service. These jobs are often done virtually/ from home – making it possible to work from anywhere.

The beauty of customer service online jobs is that there are a variety of jobs that you can explore and most of them don’t require a college degree. With a good internet connection, phone connection and the right attitude you can easily make a comfortable living as a customer service agent.

Plus, even if you have never worked in customer support before, you can take a course.

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Dedicating a few hours to take an online course will help you learn the skills that you need to get started in any of the customer service jobs that you’re interested in.

So how and where do you start with customer service jobs online?

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Types of Online Customer Service Jobs From Home

First things first, let’s talk about the different types of jobs you could do as a customer support agent.

Customer service representatives are generally responsible of handling customers and solving any problems that they may have. However different businesses may handle their customer support needs differently. 

Here are a few different online customer service jobs that might interest you:

1. Home Call Centre Agent

This is the most popular way of doing online customer service jobs from home. There are thousands of home call center jobs available online.

The internet has made it possible for companies to outsource their customer service departments.

So instead of having an in-house call centre to handle customer queries and offer support, most companies are now hiring distributed teams working from the comfort of their homes.

Call centre agents handle customer calls as well as offer chat and email support to customers of the company they are working for.

In most cases you will be hired to work on a per hour basis working between 15 to 60 hours a week.  

2. Online Chat Agent

You’ve probably noticed that almost all website have an online chat facility to help you contact the support team.

These facilities are run in the background by online chat agents.

As an online chat agent your role will be to offer tech support, answer billing questions or sell products.

Online chat customer service jobs are especially great for anyone who is tech savvy and does not want to interact with people on phone.

3. Virtual Assistant

You’ve probably heard about virtual assistant jobs. Yes, virtual assistance jobs are also part of online customer service jobs but, they tend to be more specialised.

A virtual assistant (VA) works remotely from anywhere they want; doing various business support tasks such as email marketing and management, customer support, social media management, data entry, copywriting, research, calendar management etc.

If you want to travel the world as you make money, working a virtual assistant job is a pretty good option with lots of opportunities available. Check out our extensive guide on How to Become A Virtual Assistant and Travel the World.

4. Travel Agent

While there are lots of online services that enable people to make their own travel plans today, there are still very many people and companies that depend on travel agents to do this for them.

A travel agent doesn’t quite need to have a physical office to do a good job because the internet now allows people to communicate from anywhere in the world.

As a digital nomad wannabe, who obviously loves travel, you could find a job as an online travel agent to help people plan their holidays.

5. Technical Support Jobs

Companies are always looking to offer their customers with technical support as part of their customer service.

Technical support jobs can easily be done from home and even though you will need some technical know-how, most hiring companies will train you on how to provide support for their products, so that you have all the specific knowledge you need.

However, it’s important that you start by learning some advanced computer skills before you start applying for technical support jobs.  

What Skills Do You Need To Do Customer Service Online Jobs?

Professionalism, a pleasant phone presence, and the ability to read a script and make it sound natural, are among the must-have qualities of a great customer service agent.

There are a few other skills that will give you a winning edge over competition. These include:

  • Good listening skills

In most cases, you will be dealing with a lot of angry, anxious or frustrated customers. It’s important to be able to calmly listen to what they have to say and then give them the most appropriate solution. Empathising with customers will be a huge part of your job.

  • A friendly nature

It’s important that customers know that they are being heard, no matter how ridiculous you may think their complaints are. Handling them in a friendly manner will help to calm them down and find the best solution without further confrontation.

  • Good communication skills

Communication skills are a must for any customer service agent especially if you will be handling phone calls. You need the ability to communicate effectively with customers regarding the products that you’re promoting and in a manner that convinces them to take an action. The way you communicate a solution to a customer will also determine if the customer will be satisfied with it or not.

  • Good writing skills

If you are going to be offering email customer support, it’s important that you work on your writing skills. You should be able to write clearly and free of mistakes. Your email copy should be easy to understand and communicate your message effectively.

  • Ability to multitask

There are times you will find yourself handling more than one customer at a time especially if you’re a live chat agent. Being able to handle more than one task is very important because it gives you the ability to stay on course even when doing more than one thing.

  • Patience

Handling an angry customer is not the easiest thing to do and so you need bucket loads of patience. Patience will help you to stay calm and friendly even as customers are shouting your ears off. Remember, at the end of the day you’re at the customer’s service so practice patience always.

  • Attentiveness

Always be attentive to what the customer is saying and the way they’re saying it. This is crucial in providing great service. Also be attentive to the kind of feedback that customers are giving. This way you’ll be able to anticipate their frustrations and complaints and know how to handle them.  

  • Time management skills

Working remotely takes discipline and dedication. One of the things that you can’t get away with is time management. When it comes to working online customer service jobs from home  time management skills will go a long way in increasing your success. If you’re assigned a number of different tasks be sure to manage your time well so that you can get all tasks done.

Where to Find Customer Service Jobs Online

  • Upwork is one of the biggest online freelance job sites where you can find all sorts of freelance jobs including customer service jobs. Though competition is high on Upwork, there are LOTS of jobs because the site is equally popular with companies looking to hire agents. To get started, create an account on the site today!
  • Freelancer is also very popular among freelancers and companies alike. There are numerous opportunities to find great online customer service jobs on the site. Freelancer is a bidding site so you have to bid for any suitable customer service job that you come across.  
  • Guru is another jobs board that offers lots of freelance customer service jobs among others. The beauty of Guru is that it’s newer and thus smaller than the other highly popular freelance sites. This means that though the jobs are fewer competition is also less. Try it today.
  • What makes FlexJobs a popular online resource for freelancers is that it filters out scam jobs and features verified job postings only. This means that you’re sure of finding a real customer service job. You have to pay for this specialized service though. Charges start from $14.95 per month, $29.95 for 3 months and $49.95 annually.
  • features jobs for remote workers including admin work, copywriting and editing, data entry, accounting, budgeting, email management and so much more. Though more focused on Work At Home Moms, the site is open to anyone looking for a remote job regardless of gender.
  • We Work Remotely is another specialized site that features remote jobs such as VA jobs, copywriting, and certainly customer service among others. The jobs available on the site can be done from anywhere in the world or from the comfort of your home as there are lots of digital nomad friendly companies that let you work remotely  
  • Remotive is another popular work-from-home jobs site. Here you can be sure to find all sorts of customer service jobs that suit your skills and experience. As a newbie, be sure to make use of the weekly tips on remote work and productivity the site provides.
  • WorkingNomads is a great site that you can subscribe to via email and easily get to know where to apply for various customer service jobs online. This is a great site to find an opportunity that will help you sustain your digital nomad lifestyle as they have digital nomads in mind when curating the jobs.

Get Skilled For Your First Online Customer Service Job

The beauty of online customer service jobs from home  is that you don’t have to have a customer service background to get started.

You can easily start from scratch and take online courses to learn the skills required for the various  online customer service jobs.

Here are some of the best online courses that you should try out, depending on the type of customer service job that you want to pursue:

No matter which type of online customer service jobs  you decide to focus on, you’re sure of finding something to work on as you enjoy the beauty of the world at your own convenience.

Remember, the trick is the right attitude, dedication, getting skilled and staying the course by putting your best foot forward.

So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

Have you been wanting to be a customer service agent? What difficulties have you faced so far? Let’s discuss them in the comments section!

Online customer service jobs can be your gateway to being a successful digital nomad. Follow our guide on how to get started immediately. |

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